Tantárgy ismertető - Piacszerkezetek (Industrial Organisation) (angol nyelven)

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I & II. Introduction; From Monopoly to Perfect Competition
Chapters 1&2: What is Industrial Organisation? Basic Microeconomics
Chapter 3. The Firm
Chapter 4. Games and Strategy
Chapter 5. Monopoly and Regulation
Chapter 6. Perfect and Almost Perfect Competition
III. Oligopoly and Market Structure
Chapter 7. Oligopoly Competition
Chapter 8. Collusion
Chapters 9 & 11. Market Structure and Market Power; Vertical Relations*
Chapter 14. Entry Costs, Market Structure & Welfare*
Chapter 15. Strategic Behavior, Entry & Exit
IV. Price and Non-Price Strategies and Technology*
Chapter 10. Price Discrimination
Chapter 12. Product Differentiation
Chapter 16. Research and Development
Chapter 17. Networks and Standards
*Optional topics
  • Cabral: Introduction to Industrial Organization , MIT Press, 2000. 292 pages. ISBN-10: 0262032864. ISBN-13: 978-0262032865